Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Becoming a follower

I’ve finally broken down and made myself a “Follower” of all the blogs I read. I used to enjoy the fishing around for new posts via my “Favorites” drop down menu, but at this point I follow, or nearly so, more than 30 expat blogs.

With the holidays slowing down my work schedule I have even more time on my hands, so what better thing to do than clean house (or one’s Favorites menu).

The down side is that those of you who follow your blog stats might see a drop in visits, as I will only be coming by when you post, and not when I am out fishing.

Blog on friends.


GingerV said...

it is useful for me - I sign into my blog - go to dashboard, and go through the blogs I follow.... don't read each and every time. but helps to keep track of posts.

Danielle said...

You do know about Google Reader, right??? It's a page you can open up that has a list of all blogs you "subscribe" to and if they've been updated since the last time you opened it!

Google it! Har har.