Saturday, January 8, 2011

Books in English – let’s trade!

All this talk on others’ blogs about fancy schmancy Kindles and other e-readers has me coveting your plain old-fashion (and perhaps now-abandoned) paperbacks (or sweet hardcover) books!

Plus I know that obtaining good reading in English can be a pricey enterprise here in Brazil.  Planning ahead, I brought well over a hundred titles with me when we moved.  In the final weeks before we shipped our things I remember browsing independent bookstores for the THICKEST books, and then deciding if they sounded interesting to me.  Lots of books on my shelf have more than 800 pages to them.

I’m currently reading “World Without End” by Ken Follett; follow up to his “The Pillars of the Earth” Oprah selection success.  It weighs in at 1,113 pages in hardcover.  My wrists hurt!  It’s an easy read, but the volume itself makes it attractive.

So what do you think?  Want to trade books?

Tastes vary.  I have a lot of non-fiction, political stuff e.g. “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” – which is excellent, BTW. And some sociological takes on Brazil or historical fiction or biographies.  I also like human dramas, true adventure tales and many classics.

Others expats I have traded with enjoy murder mysteries, crime or courtroom novels, popular fiction and always a few classics.

If we were to trade I propose people post a list of what you have available and that those seeking to receive the books understand that they will pay for all shipping costs.

Before I comb through my shelves and type up a list, I thought I would send up a trial balloon and see if there is any interest in this idea.

Sound good?  Would you participate?  For logistical reasons I’m pretty much talking to folks who currently reside in Brazil.  Others could probably get the books locally for less than the shipping costs if we were to mail to the US or Europe, for example… right?  But books in English (beyond a few “airport novels”) are hard to come by and stupid expensive here (said airport novels can sell for R$22).

Let me hear from you all and we will take it from there.

And a special shout out to Musings’ Reader and GingerV at Flowers and More for your generosity sharing your books with me already.

What say ye expat bloggers?  Wanna trade? Whaddaya got?


Jana @ Paper plains said...

I would definately be interested in trading. I will never switch to a kindle, something about having a weighty book in your hand. Only problem, all my books except for the slim selection I brought with me are in our container. So it might be march/april...may? before I can go through them all. I will let you know then and maybe we can switcharoo! I loved Pillars and know that World W/O End is in the container too... are you liking it as much as Pillars? Its a hefty one to take on...

Jim said...

Great Jana - I am absolutely enjoying World w/o End. It reads just like Pillars and is very enjoyable (although there is not as much background info going on - like all the archetectural stuff in Pillars -- more interpersonal drama). But still quite fun. I'm about half way through and I can already tell I'll be bummed when I'm done.

Give a shout when you want to trade.

Stephanie said...

That sounds like a great idea! I dont know if anyone will like the books I have. Truthfully, I went shopping on my grandmas shelf before I came, so I definitely have some different things. Mainly fiction, murder mystery, things like that. But I can get you a list, just let me know where to put it! I did get a Nook (but the person forgot the cables, so i havent used it yet, waiting!) but I love the feel of a good book too :)

Danielle said...

Yes, count me in! Maybe we can make a google docs email w/ books we have available?? Something like that?

Rachel said...

I will totally trade. While I do have a Kindle, I plan on playing both sides. I'm bi-literal?

I have some decent books. Some must return though because they belong on the, look I'm so special I read that book shelf. I have many I will give without a second though. I will also raid Mom's shelf here and try to smuggle newer ones back for everyone :)

Rachel said...

Bi-literate... a Bi-reader. Yeah, stop beating dead horses Rachel

Jim said...

Danielle - Not sure how that works... (this low tech guy) we all post on one doc and we sign interested people up via email so all can access and list what we have and what we want... and exchange addresses...

I'll try to get my list together today.

Corinne said...


You can count me in as well. I have too many to fit in my apartment as it is. I like Danielle's idea of a google doc. Maybe we could get a master list of everyone's books to browse?
@Stephanie, the Nook does not download books outside of the US last time I checked, for that you need a Kindle.

Jim said...

My list has about 20 titles. I would not need any of them returned.

Who can do the set-up of the Google doc idea? Volunteer?