Monday, January 24, 2011

Favela Puzzle sales support art program in Rocinha

Back in May our friend Zezinho hosted a visiting PhD researcher from the States.  While Ryan stayed with Zezinho and went about his research he and Zezinho brainstormed through a number of ideas for how to raise money to support Tio Lino’s art program for the children of Rocinha. 

Eventually they settled on a fantastically creative idea: Puzzles!

Everybody loves putting together a puzzle (well, maybe not everybody, but lots).  And the visual landscape of favela houses makes for the tough, repetitive image that makes a great puzzle.  At 336 pieces each they are challenging enough for adults, but still achievable for kids.

The best part, of course, is that 20% from each purchase goes to Tio Lino’s art program.

There is one little snag, however.  The puzzles seem to only be available in the United States.  If you live here in Brazil, buy one and have it shipped to your mother back home.  She can then ship it to you.

Zezinho has a way of making friends for life when they meet him and walk around his community.  His pride in Rocinha is contagious and brings out the best in others.  

Congratulations Ryan.  Another great partnership Zezinho.  Good luck!

Check out the Favela Puzzles here.  Go buy a puzzle.


Rachel said...

That's so coo! Great idea! I'm leaving in like 2 days so it'll never get here in time (we're in the sticks baby). But I'll post it on facebook and Twitter for friends to see. Zezinho really does a lot for his community! I'd love to go with you to meet up with him sometime!

Anonymous said...

I do <3 Rocinha and care very much that the good things are seen in our favelas. More media attention needs to be on the steps we are taking to improve tour comunities!

Big thanks to Ryan in San Diego for his helping to make the Favela Puzzles happen! And to Jim for spreading the word about our work here in Rocinha.

I will continue in trying to make the favela a better place.

Jana @ Paper plains said...

SUCH a cool idea, posting it to twitter as well! Simple and brilliant!

Stephanie said...

That is a super-awesome idea! I can't believe no one thought of this before!? Love it! Very original and unique.

Ryan said...

Hi all-

We ARE able to ship to Brazil :-)

Please send any requests for overseas orders to:

I will also be bringing a suitcase full of the puzzles when I return to Rio next July.

Also, please "like" or page on facebook !