Monday, January 17, 2011

Disaster assistance continues

“Leao” sits for a second consecutive day next to the grave of her owner, in Teresopolis.

It’s official.  The flooding, mudslides and loss of life in the mountain towns outside of Rio de Janeiro is now the worst natural disaster in Brazil's history.  Sigh.

On the television, in between horrific images and heart breaking news stories of families who have lost everything or a survivor who lost their entire family, are images of thousands of volunteers stepping in to help.

The word is that sufficient clothing has been donated, so there is no need to make a drop of clothing at a local collection point.  What is needed are things like disposable diapers, underwear, cleaning products of all kinds, candles, imperishable foods, and of course money.

All of the large supermarkets in our area are drop off points for these items.  Next time you go grocery shopping consider buying a few items for the donation box.


Rachel said...

Don't forget NAN (baby formula) and RN (newborn) diapers for the hospitals.

There are also people pointing out that children have lost everything too. Kids toys, puzzles, books, and things like that to keep their little minds busy right now.

It just breaks my heart. Also, vaccines for diphtheria and tetanus...

Rachel said...

For those who want to help, Itau has opened a special account for donations. Itaú 341 Agency 5673 Account 00594-7 CNPJ 02932524/0001-46

Pra quem quiser ajudar as vitimas das chuvas no estado do RJ, o Itaú disponibilizou uma conta específica para doações ao Fundo de Assistência Social do RJ. Itaú 341 Agencia 5673 Conta 00594-7 CNPJ 02932524/0001-46 Fundo de Ass Social RJ Agencias Itaú RJ passam a funcionar como pontos de coleta para recebimento de doações Vamos ajudar! (by Felipe De Paula Pinto )

GingerV said...

Rachel and Jim. I think that often cash is the best thing. unless you know a person personally - then aid groups can buy just what they need.
irony - friburgo has the greatest- biggest underwear outlet in Brasil and rock bottom (no pun intended) prices.