Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Buying wholesale in Rio

The banana guys

Residents of Rio should be aware of the wholesale outlet in the Ben Fica neighborhood that sells everything from booze to pots and pans, to groceries, to flowers – and everything in between: CADEG. The prices are generally great, although you can sometimes find things for less at other unique markets.

The pineapple guy

Here is a list of their stores.

But in terms of a one-stop-shop, I have yet to discover a better place.

We originally learned of CADEG when Luiz finally got a flower vendor to reveal where they bought their flowers directly from the growers.  (That was like pulling teeth from a tiger.)  Since then we have explored about half of the multi-story maze of vendor booths/stores.

The papaya and mango guy

On a typical visit to CADEG we buy flowers, buy floral design materials, buy garbage bags and party supplies, pick up some quality olive oil for less, buy good booze for less, shop in the kitchen wares store, then buy pot sticker and egg roll wrappers, oyster sauce and adorable mini Japanese eggplants at the Asian food outlet.

The Asian foods place

Then we pile our shopping bags on a few chairs and sit down to an incredible mixed churrasco lunch.

Happy flower shoppers
If you have an early morning free (many stores close by noon) go check out the wonders of CADEG.  I've posted before about the flower market - here.


Danielle said...

yum yum! Don't you just love markets? They're even better when they expand beyond fruits and vegetables.

Thanks so much for the suco de milho recipe! I'll get your stuffed cabbage recipe up this week, I promise!

Gil and Ray said...


We will have to plan a trip up to Niteroi when we come down to Brazil.
This market is great.


Gil and Ray said...


Please share suco de milho recipe. I would love to be able to make it here.


Jim said...

Ray - here's the recipe: http://receitas.maisvoce.globo.com/Receitas/Bebidas/0,,REC31989-7783-17+SUCO+DE+MILHO+VERDE,00.html

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