Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Expat lending library online – come join us

When I previously asked if folks were into trading books in English with each other I got a number of positive responses from bloggers in various parts of Brazil.

Danielle had the great idea to open a shared Google Doc where we could each contribute a list of the books we have to lend/give away so that we maintain a current list without having to mess with group emails, etc.  She has generously created a spreadsheet with some guidelines for listing your books.

You must be invited to view the Books for Expats! document, which is easy.  Just send me your email and I will add you.  Then you can go to the virtual lending library, enter your books and perhaps request a book or books from others.  Some book owners may want the book returned when you are finished with it, others may not.

You will also see an instructions document to get you started.

This is a work in progress so any and all ideas to improve it are welcome.

To visit the library – just send me your email.

Happy reading!


Danielle said...

yay! So excited!

Rachel said...

Will get on it as soon as I'm back!

Gil and Ray said...


This is a great idea!


GingerV said...

anyone who wants to visit me in Friburgo can look through my stacks of books and take a few for their own and of course pass on as they like. I still have 5 or 6 of jims.... that I need to return. returning is hard. I suggest you put your name inside if you want them returned.... otherwise total confusion will rein.

Lindsey said...

Jim I missed this post last week!

I'd love to be part of the library - I think you still have my email?


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