Sunday, January 9, 2011

Luiz's green thumb

Honestly, everything Luiz touches blooms (including me).

A few months ago he picked up a few "air plants" from the path in the neighborhood park.  They had apparently fallen from the branches above.  In true Luiz fashion he brought them home and created a little succulent garden on the outside window sill in the rear of our kitchen.

Now, the darker green plant on the left has sprouted a clone (see it in the front right of the container) and one of the air plants has popped out a huge pink flower.

Gotta love our Luiz.  He's got the magic touch.


Danielle said...

Very nice! Plants bring happiness :)

Gil and Ray said...


I love what Luiz, I enjoy doing that too...
We found a couple plants thrown in the gutter downtown Providence a few months ago, some college students had disposed of them...
Gil and I picked them up, bought a little pot, dirt, planted them and they are both doing great.
One was a Christmas cactus that is blooming right now with the most beautiful color flowers.



Gil and Ray said...

oops, I meant what Luiz DOES !! :)