Friday, July 9, 2010

2014 World Cup logo unveiled

Brazil officially unveiled the World Cup 2014 logo yesterday at the ceremony where South Africa handed over the games to Brazil (but the Cup is not over yet!). The ceremony itself was pretty good, except there were an awful lot of white people on stage. What happened to Brazil in all it’s diversity?

Here’s the video hard sell for the new logo.

Personally I like this alternate logo, but it did not make the cut.

I really love this spoof of the logo which I first saw over at THE GOOD BLOOD blog. That’s the famous Brazilian medium Chico Xavier channeling a spirit and writing down its thoughts.

The World Cup trophy wearing a toupee.

Follow this link to a discussion among design professionals about the logo.


Alexandre said...

Há muito tempo eu não via uma escolha TÃO INFELIZ... O logo é simplesmente HORROROSO!
Lamentável que os organizadores não tenham dado aos torcedores a possibilidade de escolher dentre os dois ou três melhores pré-avaliados.

Jim said...

I agree Alex - a fan vote among top logo designs would have been a fun spirit-building event. And FOR SURE we would not have voted for the one they chose.

Rachel said...

I agree with both of you. It looks like something my son colored. I love what he does but it's not a logo for a international event such as this