Friday, July 30, 2010

Betty Crocker on a bender

At our birthday party a year and a half ago I introduced our friends to Jell-O shots. Everybody LOVED them! (Note to self: next time make a different flavor/color sans vodka for the kids!) Since then several of our friends have tried to replicate them at their parties (with mixed results). I remain the rei do Jell-O shots.

Earlier this year I made a Caipirinha Cream Pie for a World Cup party. It disappeared faster than you can say cachaça. [Darn if I cannot find the recipe online today.  Email me if you would like it.] That time I made an alcohol-free chocolate cream pie for the kids.  Everyone agreed, next time I make this pie I should increase the cachaça used. It would benefit from the boost.

A few weeks ago I Stumbled Upon a recipe for Grilled Cachaça Marinated Hanger Steak over at YumSugar. I’m not one to cook meat, I leave that to Luiz who is excellent at it. But in this case I think I will prepare the marinade and meat and put it in the refrigerator for Luiz to cook the next day. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Then today I was over at one of my favorite cocktail blogs Cachacagora and what do you know… Phil just posted a video from Fox affiliate WPMT Channel 43 that featured a recipe for a Cachaça Coffee Rub and Sauce for beef or pork and another recipe for Tropical Fruit Salsa with cachaça. They both sound delicious.

Also today my Google Alert set to all things cachaça (which I monitor for a friend of mine opening a Brazilian restaurant and lounge back in the States) I saw a reference to a Tres Leches Cake with cachaça recently published in Booze Cakes, a recipe book for BCOAB fans (Betty Crocker On A Bender). I could not find the recipe online, however. If you do, please let me know.

So I would like to ask for any recipes you may have that use cachaça (or your favorite spirit). I have heard from one of my students who grew up on a farm in Minas Gerais that her mother would put cachaça in her baked bread. It apparently changes the texture for the better. Anybody know about this?

I think I will dice up some of that fruity salsa mentioned above. It sounds great.


The Reader said...

Mmm-mmm!!! Must try these recipes - thanks, Jim!

Rachel said...

I can't say I've done it but you could try the old vodka watermelon with cachaça. In case you haven't done it. Make a hole in the top of a watermelon. Poor in some cachaça. Do this every once in a while. Let the watermelon soak it up. Cut and serve.

Danielle said...

So many good ideas, so little time and liver function!

Greg said...

OMG, jello shooters - that brings back some wicked sick memories from undergrad at SDSU from decades ago. I agree with Rachel, the watermelon trick is the next thing to try (another fond memory). Who knows, maybe cachaça slammers will be next!

Jim said...

I think this Watermelon thing may just be a winner.

Check out this watermelon caipirinha recipe

When the weather turns warmer and we are all on the beach or at churrascos -- I'm gonna do this one. I'll let you know.