Monday, July 5, 2010

Beautiful Foz do Iguaçu

There is another great post by Leighton Gage over at the Murder is Everywhere blog I enjoy so much. If you have not checked out the blog yet I highly recommend it. Six writers from around the world post random and well written items from their area of the globe.

This week’s post from Leighton is about the spectacular Foz do Iguaçu that runs along the border between Brazil and Argentina. Luiz and I went several years ago and spent two days exploring the falls from the perspectives of both countries. Absolutely amazing. As Leighton points out, there are 275 separate falls that stretch over 3 kilometers.

There are many photos and a good description of the falls and more at the link.

This video of the falls gives you a feel for the sheer size of the place. It looks as though about two thirds of the video is taken from the Brazilian side and the final third from the Argentinean side.


Rachel said...

I'm dying to go there! I think we'll wait until both kiddies are old enough to enjoy it. Or better yet, are old enough to be left with the Grandparents!

Fiona said...

That is spectacular. I love that video. It looks like a backdrop for some heavenly opera performed by angels. Can there really be something so beautiful, that isn't digitally created??? wooooow.
We're convinced. We're there. It will be nice to be around so much water in such a dry dusty time of year (we live in the hicks, where your cowboy boots kick up dust into your eyes while you walk).