Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain over the Netherlands

Even though the World Cup ended a week ago for many of us I feel I have to post one last time to tell the end of the story.


The final match was a boring game to casual fans like me. But the last few minutes definitely got the blood pumping.


Congratulations Spain; 1 - 0 over the Netherlands in the final minutes of overtime.


[imagine paying for tickets and sitting behind this joker]

For literally hundreds of photos go here and here.  Photo credits for images posted here can be found there.


Rachel said...

I thought of you two during the game! You guys predicted Spain, well, Luiz did but you agreed :)

The Reader said...

My thoughts exactly on the last game. We sort of hoped the Netherlands would win, just since they were the underdogs. But then, since they beat us, we hoped they'd lose.

My favorite part was when the announcer was listing out names of Brazilian players, and how they couldn't score against the Netherlands, and so of course Spain couldn't score either. (or, well, that's what I think he was saying....I was only half paying attention....).

But, yes, the excitement for me ended a week ago. Looking forward to 2014, with hopes I'll still be here by then.