Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sale on green and yellow overstock items

We were having so much fun. Grandmas, babies and poodles wearing green and yellow, another day off work, watching the game with 20,000 other fans on Copacabana Beach. Then there was silence.

The roar of a sea of Brazilian futebol fans I’ve come to know. But the eerie silence of thousands of disappointed Brazilians in silly green and yellow hats on Friday was a first. The loss of the World Cup game against the Netherlands was devastating, and so unexpected. People here just plain BELIEVED in victory to the end.

So we did what you might imagine we’d do to lick our wounds: we went out for greasy Chinese food.

[Goal tender Julio Cesar made some really classy remarks after the game.]

Once back at the apartment Luiz took down the flags he has been flying every day for the past couple of weeks. Every hour or so Luiz would look up and ask: “Jim – Brazil is out, right?” So sad. So depressing.

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