Thursday, July 22, 2010

Webcams in Brazil

Thanks to webcams everywhere I can go to various places around the globe and watch what’s going on from the comfort of my office. For the last few months I have been watching an eagle fledgling in Vancouver, Canada being cared for by its mother. (The show is pretty much over now...)

I would rather travel in person, for sure, but on a teacher’s salary? It’s not happening like it used to.

Included here are links to various webcams I’ve found in Brazil. I have to say that only a few are worth watching, beyond checking to see if the sky is blue, if it is raining, or if the traffic is bad.

My favorite so far is the new Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest webcam sponsored by the World Land Trust. It’s great for bird watching.

For pure sightseeing check out the webcams from Webcam Tourism Ouro Preto.  Better than the cams are the panoramic location shots from around the town ocated on the right of the site.  Amazing.

Next would be the webcams at Itacoatiara beach. These are really set up for the surfer crowd to be able to check on the surf conditions before making the long trek out to the beach.

Paraty has great webcam potential, but I must say one of the two cams seems to be oddly placed along a quiet little street in the historic district. I suppose it could be interesting if there were a crowd bustling about.

The cam in Angra dos Reis seems only suited for checking on the weather.

Then there are the webcams in Porto de Galinhas. What’s up with them? I would think it difficult to find more pedestrian locations (so to speak). But hey, something interesting might cross in front of the camera.

Rio has dozens of cameras set up by the department of transportation.  They are not exactly exciting viewing.  Go to this map and then click your way down to a specific location to get a street view.

Can anyone contribute to this list of webcams in Brazil? I would welcome the view.

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