Thursday, July 8, 2010

Luiz does it again

Flor de Luiz got a call last week from one of the so-called society ladies in Niterói to come do a consult for a new dried flower arrangement for her apartment. The client had purchased some dried bougainvillea flowers while in Petropolis and needed some help putting them to best use.

Luiz met with her and discussed the possibilities. Luiz kept his horror a secret when she pulled out the vase she wanted to use. It was definitely going to be a challenge. But that’s why you call on professionals to deliver on your design fantasies.

A few sketches, a negotiated price and four days later – Luiz had one more happy customer.

1 comment:

The Reader said...

Great job as usual! Lovely how he was able to work magic with the limitations placed on him by the client!