Saturday, July 17, 2010

International Animation Festival in Rio

The huge 18th Annual International Animation Festival of Brazil is underway in Rio (July 16 - 25). The program is overwhelming in scale (over 400 films), but if you have any interest in animation, in all its forms, you will find something (a lot of things) that suits you.

Films, lectures, special programs, (lots of) stuff for the kiddies, a gallery, master classes – it’s all there. In fact – much more than you can imagine.

Check out the festival website (Portuguese and English). Better yet, check out this state of the art (as you might expect) online festival catalog (Portuguese and English). Very cool.

For a broad overview of the many, many activities and attractions included for professionals and the general public here is a brief video about the making of Anima Mundi 2008. Amazing.

Making Of Anima Mundi 2008 from Anima Mundi on Vimeo.

For ticket information visit the FAQ section of the Portuguese version of the Festival website.

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