Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone

And this house just ain’t no home anytime he goes away.

Luiz is in Minas Gerais this week for a few parties. Our dear friend Marcia from San Francisco is visiting her parents in Sete Lagoas to help celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary. A big party was in the works for this past Saturday. Knowing the nine Santana sisters and their solitary brother as I do (and their reverence for their inspiring parents) I know the celebration was without limits.

In true Brazilian fashion, the celebration started with a mass, followed by a churrasco at one sister’s sitio that went well into the next morning. Then the next morning (or afternoon) as people awoke the party continued with many friends returning to help eat up the food and work their way through another freezer full of beer.

No need for an excuse, of course, but the stated reason for another full day of celebration was the engagement announcement of one of the sisters.

Marcia was generous enough to bring a few things for us from the States. Luiz will be picking them up (including my new iPod nano!).

Then Luiz will spend a few days with our friends Carlinhos and Dü in Belo Horizontes. They just moved into a new house – so Luiz is bringing them a little house warming floral arrangement. They are always terrific hosts.

But alas, I am here alone all week. Zozó is just a few doors down the street, but hanging out with my MIL is not my style, although I do check in and have helped her with some errands.

Luiz and I are so very lucky. We spend, quite literally, 24 hours a day together, day after day, week after week. The time is never dull nor over spent. We enjoy being together, even when it goes uninterrupted for months.

Then when either of us is away, we instantly miss each other. Lucky us. Lucky me.

Luiz will be back on Thursday. That will be a Thanksgiving reunion worth celebrating.


Rachel said...

Why couldn't you go and join the festivities? Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say. Daniel and I are the same as you two. It'll be 7 years on the 24th and we still enjoy every day together. We are lucky!

Jim said...

It was that gal darn Brazil Game Show gig. I made the money -- he spent it.

You know how that goes.

I wish I could have been there because I know how fantastic the Santana parties are. But alas -- not this time.

Stephanie said...

Awww Jim, that was so touching! I got a little teary!! You and Luiz are SO lucky :) Are you guys doing Thanksgiving on Thursday?

Ray Adkins said...


That is great that you miss him the way you do, that means real love, that is so cool.
Feel are blessed in such a wonderful way.
You will enjoy him even more when he is back.
Hang in there.


Ray Adkins said...

oops, I mean "few", lol...

Chris said...

He isn't gone Jim. Close your eyes, open your heart and he's right there with you. Thursday is right around the corner.... That's a good Thanksgiving treat!


Danielle said...

Man, staying home alone with your love totally sucks!! Alexandre's been gone all week for residency tests, and he comes back tomorrow, only to leave again on Thursday night!

But you're right. We are lucky to have people that we never tire of.

Danielle said...

I meant "without your love"!

Fiona said...

oh happy day, today! :)