Monday, November 22, 2010

Working weekend and ear plugs

My feet hurt. Standing in a rented suit for two 11 hour days, chatting with business men who really just want to rest and eat a free petite sandwich, and only occasionally sitting when your boss is not looking really puts a hurt on your feet. I have some serious respect for the women who have to bear this as well – but in heels! (shout out to Danielle)

The Brazil Game Show was a HUGE success. It sold out both days. Lots of great press. Total mob scene – and the noise! The exploding warships, automatic weapons and screaming characters of the latest in high-end video games are LOUD. And a cavernous convention center packed to the gills with gaming stations is REALLY loud.

Talk about a fish out of water. The last video game I played was the original Pac Man. At the Show this weekend I was reminded that Pac Man is now celebrating 30 years on the market (and the new version looks nothing like what I used to play).

Even though I was blown away by the quality of the graphics and the sophistication of gameplay (I just learned that word), I have to say I was saddened and sometimes disgusted by the level of pure, unadulterated and in some cases directly personal violence contained in some of these games. I watched one guy take a baseball bat and beat the life out of human characters with blood and guts splattering against the walls. He just kept batting the human characters’ heads. It was really disturbing.

And don’t get me started on all the hired “babes” walking around in 10 square centimeters of clothing – reinforcing the worst stereotypes about women among the pubescent computer nerd guys… it was SO yesterday.

But it’s all past now. This was my first working weekend in the three years we’ve been here. Twenty two hours standing and schmoozing. Yuck. But I negotiated a really sweet pay package – so I guess it was worth it.

Now I’m back in my Havaianas and shorts. ahhhh…


Ray Adkins said...


It sounds like the old cliche still works, the notion that "sex sells", it is used in car shows and many other conventions...and trade shows...
It looks really silly to me, but I guess they just use it as decoration for the showroom, beautiful people in small clothes gotta be a hit every time...
I am also disgusted by some video games. I just don't see the point of it.
The supreme court just recognized the rights of the gaming company to sell these ubber violent graphic games, it was consider a matter of free speech.
I just hope to never encounter a group of crazy teenagers with a baseball bat, right after they have smoked some crack and played such crazy video games... :)


Rachel said...

You can use the great paycheck for a pedi and a foot massage for cheap. It's how we ladies manage long stretches in heels :)

Jim said...

That is EXACTLY what I need. I have been lying around today (without electricity) wishing I had a foot massage.

Good idea.