Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pumpkin Coconut Pecan bread for Thanksgiving

Luiz has never been a turkey fan.  Cranberry sauce is just a distant North American memory.  Watching the Detroit Lions lose another (American-style) football game puts me to sleep nearly every year, and my real pumpkin cheesecake recipe just isn't the same here with local substitutions.

But I've discovered a soothing, pleasing and comforting recipe that awakens the Thanksgiving in me while not requiring four courses of starches and a nap.

You can find the recipe over on Danielle's Cooking Blog.

In the mean time - here is the picture version.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Paper plains said...

That looks fabulous! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Linds said...


Really, pumpkin anything is totally Thanksgiving. Sometimes you just need that taste... :)

Love the photography too