Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Christmastime at Flor de Luiz

Luiz and I visited his favorite “permanent botanicals” shops in Rio’s Centro district.  It’s a challenge to whack your way through all the bizarrely shaped and colored plastic crap to find the finer silk florals and unique accents, hidden diamonds in the rough, but they are there.  At this point Luiz not only knows where to shop, but the shop owners know his name and come to kiss him hello.

Back in the workshop Luiz has organized his new finds and is starting to create new arrangements which sell for Christmas, but will also last throughout the year.  (Remove the ribbon or xmas balls and – poof!)

It's odd, but – I don’t know if you have noticed this here in Rio – the trendy color scheme for the holidays this year is pink and purple (with glitter).  It would not be my first choice, but as pink and green are the colors of the wildly popular Mangueira school of samba, I guess it's just a small leap to pink and purple.  The colors do compliment each other, but for Christmas?  What do I know?

Whistling a happy tune and lost in his own private Idaho, Luiz has been in the workshop creating one arrangement after the other.  Next come the specifically Christmas items: wreaths, centerpieces, door hangers, etc.  Stay tuned.

To see more of Luiz's work in natural flowers, check out his website.  If you need an internationally trained florist to make your event pop with beauty - contact Luiz.  Trust me.


Nancy said...

wow, how happy it must be to live in a home that always has beautiful flowers! I actually think the pink and purple one was my favorite!!!

Donna Jean said...

lots of love, Donna Jean

Paper plains said...

Beautiful unique work!!! I am so envious you get to be around that!!!