Saturday, November 13, 2010

Buses and bundãos

One big improvement of late among the various urban bus fleets here is the law requiring all buses to be accessible to the disabled by 2012.  You can see the transformation in process.  One by one new buses are coming online with wheelchair lifts and special seating.

Yesterday, when returning from Luiz’s doctor appointment I enjoyed a little more space without my butt straddling two bucket seats. (yes, I am wider than a typical bus seat.  Two of me could not sit next to my selves.)  Now the special seating has been extended to gordinhos.  Really.  My very own double-wide single-cushion seat on the bus.

There is even a new decal on the window above the seat that legitimizes one person occupying the whole seat.

Sad but true.  Brazilians (along with some expats) are getting fatter, such that now public accommodation law includes consideration for the morbidly obese.


Ray Adkins said...


Do you know if the disable access law is municipal, state or federal?


Jim said...

Not sure Ray - I thought it was state law due to the Olympics, but then - the World Cup will be national. Sorry...