Friday, November 19, 2010

I have corn tortillas in my fridge!

I still can’t believe it.

Last night a good friend stopped by for a quick visit. Carlos lives in Ft. Lauderdale but has been in Rio visiting family for the past week. We were excited to have him over.

Imagine my surprise when he plopped a big bag of goodies on our kitchen counter. Out of the bag Carlos pulled: CORN TORTILLAS!!!!!!!!!! A big package of 30 beautiful, perfect, authentic corn tortillas.

Also in that glorious bag of goodies: chocolate chips, peanut butter, pecans, small and large flour tortillas, Mexican hot sauce… amazing.

Carlos is a friend who not only reads my blog – he hears my cries.

Thank you Carlos!!!

Tip: if you come by our apartment today you can eat guacamole with real corn chips! 

[happy dance]


Rachel said...

Which bus do I take? ;)

Can Carlos be my friend too?

Shelley said...

Oh, that soooooooo exciting! I'm making "Taco" Salad for lunch, using doritos...let us know what you concoct...

Jim said...

So far - fresh corn chips and guacamole, refried beans and roasted salsa.

Next: chicken enchiladas!

Nancy said...

I'm sorry..did you just say 'Come on over I'm making fresh tortilla chips for all of you'? I'm pretty sure you did!

Also, as a side note, why is the "word verification" that I have to type in "sadist"? Do you hand select your word verifications?

Stephanie said...

then green eyed monster has consumed me! tell carlos if he makes stops in minas to let me know! ;)

Nothing like good tastes from home!! I know you are enjoying!