Friday, November 19, 2010

Last call for donations for the Rocinha art and school supplies project

At the end of the day I am pulling down the PayPal link for our Art & School supplies project for Tio Lino and his young charges.

If you have been putting off making your donation - now is the time to act. 

We have raised more than R$750 to date (including R$80 Zezinho has for the kitty).

Every little bit helps!

Remember - it's over tonight.  Click on the link in the right column.

And thanks to everyone who has helped make the campaign a success.


Sara and Nate said...

Wait!!! I have been trouble donating because my card won't go through. When my husband gets home tonight we are making the donation with his card.... so sorry I am such a procrastinator!!

Tasha said...

Yeah, I totally renaged on my got in the way. Did you count me R$50 when you did the shopping? If so, I'll deposit it tomorrow...if not, I'll double next time!