Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get your burrito plate for R$21

OK – so I am trying to not blow a gasket. Maybe I don’t understand. Perhaps I have it all wrong. Please – I hope I have it all wrong.

Many locals are subscribing to Peixe Urbano (no link, thank you very much!). It is an online super discount coupon service.

The “deal” of the day today in Rio is to offer a Mexican food dinner at a restaurant called MeXdilicía which includes one taco, one burrito and one enchilada. A combination plate. That’s the deal so put forth. The regular price is (sit down) R$42.50. [WTF!!] The super savings price (!?) is R$21.00 (remember: one taco, one burrito and one enchilada)

We’re talking about beans and rice. (If you are from the southwest of the US – the burrito on its own will insult your intelligence.) Trust me, if there is any meat (or other real substance) in any of this it will be an infinitesimal amount. Who makes up this stuff?  Oh – and just try a so-called margarita at a place like this. Enjoy your sour juice mix for R$12.

What a weird reality. The world of Mexican food here is elevated to chic cuisine, instead of the every-day food of regular folks. And what comes on your plate is still regular beans and rice… but much less than you remember. Who comes up with this pricing?

Please tell me I have it all wrong.

[I don’t usually do a rant but this got my goat.]


michael said...

I'm a personal trainer in US mid-west. recently becoming obsessed with brazil! with working there, living there. been reading your blogs and thinking i would love to chat with you!
please contact me!

Sara and Nate said...

ahhhh Jim,

This is why we all resort to cooking Mexican food in the comfort of our homes which = so much better food at cheaper prices. It always baffles to see what Brazilians consider Mexican food :)

A few times we have gone to a Mex restaurant with our Brazilian friends and they always ask what to order... so cute and so wonderful to share a piece of home (even if your cheese can glow in the dark)!

Jim said...

Michael - I'll send an email.

There is definitely a market for personal trainers, but the pay SUCKS, unless you really make a name for yourself and go private.

Sara - Somehow I have Mexican food on the brain these days! ;-)

Danielle said...

I was gonna say "good think we cook quality Mexican food at home!" but that's basically what Sarah said. :)

The benefit of Mexican food being expensive is that I can cook it for dinner parties and people think it's super "chique" that I know how and that I have all kinds of cool spices.

Jim said...

DAnielle - and now Mallory is gaing to teach us how to make corn tortillas and chips!! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

hi jim!
i live in curitiba, and there is an all you can eat mexican restaurant here that is pretty great. around 25 reais per person, and if it's your birthday you can eat for free! the flavors aren't quite the same as we find in the states, but everything is quite delicious. if you are ever in curitiba, i highly recommend it! mexicano bras-mex grill!