Friday, November 26, 2010

Necessities from the US

Luiz is back from his trip to Belo Horizontes and he has come bearing gifts.

Our friend Marcia came from San Francisco to visit her parents and celebrate their anniversary. Being the pushy one that I am I asked Marcia to please bring a few things for us. Always the most generous in the crowd, Marcia was happy to haul our goodies, which Luiz has since picked up and brought back to our apartment.

The best package is Luiz himself, safe and sound. I sleep better at night with him next to me.

He also brought: a new Shark cordless mini-vacuum. It’s a silly convenience, but we love it. Our old Black and Decker Dust Buster had since bit the dust (so to speak).

There is my new iPod Nano – whoopee!! I screwed up my last one at the beach. It’s been a while since I’ve had the joy of podcasts and music when taking the bus to Rio.

Lots of new ink cartridges for my photo-printer. Locally they cost R$35, on the internet: US$5.

Then of course there are the TexMex spice packets, corn and flour tortillas and a big can of enchilada sauce. – Never enough TexMex!

Christmas in November.

But nothing tops having Luiz safely back home.


Nancy said...

Ahhhh goodies, so exciting! Thanks for the advice about the classes in Niteroi, I actually called them today and they said they are not sure whether or not they will have the class next semester. Not only that, but they are unsure of when they will be sure...haha I guess I'll just have to keep trying. Thanks for the advice though!

Rachel said...

Lovin' the dust buster! And I can see how the old one died. Rio is a dust buster's worst nightmare. Can't speak for Niteroi

Ray Adkins said...

Nothing beats the comfort of having your loved one next you :)

Anonymous said...

When my Brazilian father-in-law would come to visit us in NYC and do nothing but shop, I thought perhaps he had a bit of a problem. Now, living in Brazil, I get it. My mother came to visit just before the holidays and I had her bring an entire suitcase full of supplies, including mac&cheese for my daughter.
Great blog. Wish you a wonderful new year!
Born Again Brazilian