Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back on line

Thanks to my brilliant computer booster friend (with a degree in computer engineering) my laptop was stripped down to the bone and then reconfigured with brighter and shinier guts.  All seems well, although she has warned me to move on buying a new computer.
But for now I will taunt the computer gods and move forward with what I have. (But I will begin my shopping.  Any tips on good brands and must have guts are welcome…  I am ignorant beyond how to type and check my email.
Over the past three years I have been frustrated by how browsers know that I am in Brazil so they are forever converting things to Portuguese.  I want my Google results in English, thank you very much.  And when I search YouTube I want English language results, not Brazilian/Portuguese.  But the computer has tried hundreds of time to be “helpful” and convert things on its own.
Not to mention that Windows really, really wants me to use Bing and not Google.  (You kids stop fighting. Don’t make me pull this car over.)
Now with my new Windows software – it’s all Portuguese, until I convert it myself.
Oh well Jim – you do live in Brazil after all.  Time to step up my language game.
Now it’s on to catch up with lost time on the blog…


Gil and Ray said...

Great to see you back, love the choosen picture ;)
I also hate pcs automatically adjusting of our settings and BING sucks, get back on Google. :)

Amaris in Wonderland said...

Hi, there!

Just want to let you know that if you are looking for the Google in American English (also has the most U.S. results - brands, etc.) type in:

From that point on, whenever you type in it should automatically direct you to the U.S. Google site.

Yes, great pic! :D

Chris said...

I also HATE that Google tries to throw me into the Brazilian search page! Same with Youtube, Gizmodo and other US sites that I visit. Even Blogger will periodically give me the login page in Portuguese... ah well....