Tuesday, March 15, 2011

US American prudes screw it up for all of us, again

OK, so I know the movie trailers for the upcoming animated feature "Rio" have been posted and reposted all over the place, but I just read here that the Brazilian director Carlos Saldanha told a Rio de Janeiro newspaper recently the film’s animated beachscapes had to undergo at least one change for American consumption: bigger bikini bottoms.

Oh please. And I suppose he had to fight off adding Bibles to people's beach bags as well. US American culture police make me sick to my stomach.

Viva Brasil!

Embedding the YouTube file has been disabled.  You have to watch it on YouTube directly.  Here.

Said "Ameicanized" bikini bottom is at 1:47.


The Reader said...

I am not surprised at all. Every time we've watched the trailer, we have laughed and said, "I've never seen a bikini that large on any beach in Brazil....." I did not realize the film had/has a Brazilian director, though, I just thought an American director got it wrong.

Sad that they were made to change it (and falsify it, LOL!).

Rachel said...

I thought the bikini bottom was a bit big. I'm still excited about the movie though. The beach scene is SO Rio!

Anita said...

Makes sense. Too many "popozudas" in tangas would make the American audience have a cardio.

Chris said...

Man, that does suck! I normally don't get into watching cartoon-ish movies like these, with the exception of Toy Story and Shrek, but I'm looking forward to this one. Just wish they didn't have to mess with what is a reality here. I, too, hate the PC Police! GROW UP, AMERICA!

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