Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Luiz as tour guide in Rio

As you may know, Luiz is in a Tourism course sponsored by the state of Rio de Janeiro.

He’s so cute in his uniform shirt that gives him free bus passage and a basic lunch every day at the school. The class elected him the official representative to the highers-up and he has been providing assistance and scolding as needed to the fellow adult students in his class.

What’s been fun for us is the many freebees he gets from the Department of Tourism (maps, booklets, T-shirts, pens, note pads, tote bags…) and also the many invitations to art openings and other premiers co-sponsored by the Rio tourism office.

It’s nice to be “in the loop” for a change. Who doesn’t like some free champagne and chocolate once in a while? I don’t have the wardrobe to do this every night, but who’s looking at me anyway!?

Luiz is perfectly suited to be a tour guide. He loves to connect with others and he instantly puts them at ease. Now he is learning the details of the history and culture in our area so he can share that with others.

And I get to eat swanky hors d'œuvres and drink good wine while he schmoozes the crowd.


Gil and Ray said...

It sounds great, he will have his hands full with the up coming World Cup and Olympics :)

The Reader said...

It sounds wonderful! Been meaning to ask -- will he be working strictly in the city of Rio/Niteroi, or will he have the chance to work other regions throughout the state of Rio?

Jim said...

Ray - that's the reason for the big push by the state. And he has already started schmoozing around to get a chance to work in a fancy camarote during Carnaval.

Reader - it is state-wide. There are several overnight filed trips to places like Ilha Grande, Paraty and Petropolis. (Those he has to pay for, but they are super cheap.)

Meredith said...

Sounds awesome (for his spouse too :)