Friday, March 25, 2011

Getting to Know Brazil - A Reading Tour

Regina over at Deep Brazil (“Way Beyond Carnival”) offered me an opportunity to guest post about books I’ve read that have helped me understand Brazil, its history, its people, culture and politics.
It was fun to sum up my reading experiences.  In the process I discovered I can be a bit heavy in my choices of reading materials. LOL! I admit I read some of those books before my current fiction binge began.
One of the books: “Dance Lest We All Fall Down” was sent to me a couple months ago by Danielle, via Fiona (when she still lived in Brazil). Very nice.
Go take a look at the post – and be sure to add your suggestions for what people should read before they come for a visit or decide to take the big plunge.
If you see a title you like, check and see if it is available for lending at our Expat Lending Library online (come join us and share your English language books!), or you can click on the book cover image to buy a copy from
Happy reading.

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Fiona said...

glad you enjoyed the book. i'm off to check your guest post now!