Friday, March 4, 2011

My computer died - sigh

It was bound to happen.  I´ve been plunking away on a nearly six year old Dell laptop.  There have been warnings.  Now I am writing from an undisclosed location squeezed into a teeny tiny cubicle in a LAN house.

And, since this is Carnaval weekend, it may be a while before I can get my data recovered and set up a new system.

The good news is my reading time has expanded by a factor of 10.

See you soon (and in comments sections elswhere...)

Bom Carnaval.


Rachel said...

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosa said...

What? No!! I find you, via Craigs list a computer right away. Just say the word. You probably are very good with computers, but if you have any questions, my terrific brother in law Jon would love to help you, he is a wizard of electronics, he might build you one from the Dell ashes.


Gil and Ray said...


You are an important member of our blog family ;)
Hope to see you up and running with your PC.


SN said...

I can't imagine!! I think I would go crazy :) Hope everything is up and running again soon!

cryador said...

Bom carnaval to you too

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear that! Not sure if you're going to pop for a new one or try to repair your dell...but worth saying, we have a great computer guy, he's in Laranjeiras and he brought my Sony Vaio back from the dead recently. I can hook you up if you want. Hope you had a great Carnaval!

compactors said...

Well, you can buy another one with greater specs than your old one. There are a vast array of choices dude!