Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I blog

[Dove-tailing off of Rachel’s recent post.]
In the beginning I thought I would blog because it would save me from having to write 20 emails a week to my friends and family back in the States.  I could keep them informed without it being a big, laborious deal.
With a red face I am here to say that my friends and family did not care that much. I don’t get regular emails from folks “back home” who want to know how I am doing – it never happened. And when I sent them emails it was typically days or weeks before I heard back.  That’s just the fact of the matter.
Shame on me for thinking I would be a significant object of their attention – or a preoccupation, just because Luiz and I chose to leave town.  People’s lives are busy, things are complicated, they have a gazillion issues pressing to be priorities.  In general, we have not made the cut.
I don’t blame anyone.  We left them… How dare us to expect a primary place in their focus after we were gone? We had to grow up. We made our bed –and now we are sleeping in it. (Side note: I am SO GLAD we brought a quality mattress from the US!)
So why do I blog? I no longer do it for my family and friends. (Over the past three years I may have gotten one or two comments from family members.)
Blogging fills a social purpose. I have made online friends who also blog. Blogging gives me a chance to speak to the universe of potential readers in a way that may be helpful or amusing in some way. Blogging lets me think I have a voice in the world (no matter how miniscule). Blogging provides an English environment in which to spend time during an otherwise trying Portuguese-filled day. Blogging allows me to write – something I enjoy.
FaceBook has filled in for a lot of the daily chatter.  I connect with a lot of old friends there.  More so than via email.
But blogging has become a new adventure, a new platform, a fresh environment in which to make social connections.  This old dog has learned a new trick.
So far so good.  Thanks for being a part of this adventure.


Anonymous said...

Count me in as one who is VERY happy that you blog. You have helped me tons, made me laugh, made me think, and even taught me a recipe or two, so keep on doin' it, please!

Rachel said...

Me too! You were one of my first bloggging buddies and someone who inspired me to write more!

Chris said...

I love reading your blog about life in Brasil. I've never been there but I feel like I could go there and have a "leg up" because of reading your blog! Thanks!

Gil and Ray said...


I love your blog, you are definitely an inspiration to me as well.
It was great being able to talk to you over the phone and I am so looking foward to our party/meeting when we manage to make our way down to Brazil.
I am learning about Brazil all over again from your experiences, which are helping us get ready for our return.
Thanks for sharing them with us and love your recipes by the way, we have tried many of them.

Forte abraco


Lindsey said...

Without you, I would never know that mango-banana sorbet could replace icecream in a HEARTBEAT.

Thanks for putting my feelings into words too :)

Fiona said...

i enjoy your blog, too. you've always got something interesting going on over here!