Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bloggers make the world smaller

There are nearly 7 billion people on the planet.  According to Internet World Stats nearly 2 billion of them are using the internet (and probably by the time you read this it will be more than 2 billion).  I blog in English, that cuts the eye balls by quite a bit, except for those using translation software to reach out of their language comfort zone.

Then there is Rachel.  Her rants are heard around the world.  In fact, her rants have been followed by a particular female Spanish ex-pat living in the San Francisco Bay Area (my old stomping ground) for several months.  I recently got a fun email from this woman.

It seems this fine woman (whom I will keep anonymous) is married to a Brazilian and they are considering a move to Brazil – so she has begun to cruise the ex-pat blogging scene.

While following Rachel’s Rantings in Rio she has come to enjoy the comments sections and tells me she sometimes enjoys my comments there (as well as yours, Ray).  She followed me home and has since been reading posts here.

Anyway – small world – it turns out her brother-in-law is partnered with an old friend of Luiz and I.  We used to hang out in San Francisco back in the day, and of course still stay in touch.  In fact they are both here for Carnaval and we recently got a call from our friend to make arrangements to meet up.

It was only through a series of chance conversations and questions that this connection was made.

To quote the email I got from my new blogging relation: “Who is Kevin Bacon anyway?”

Very fun.  Thanks Rachel.  Thanks new “kissin’ cousin” twice removed.  Thanks internet.

[You may remember I was reunited, after 25 years, with my “Little Brother” via Facebook some time ago.  That story is here.]


Rachel said...

My goal is to change the game to 6 degrees from Rachel's Rantings ;) Is it 4 or 6 degrees of separation from good old Kevin?

Very cool! Great meet up! Glad I could help!

Rachel said...

BTW, I love reading your comments on my blog too. Always make me laugh

Jim said...

It's 6 degrees from Kevin -- I bet we can get it down to 5 degrees from Rachel's Rantings.

We'll get you monetized yet!

Gil and Ray said...


I swear I have started to feel like you guys are my family.
I've told Rachel she is our "Madrinha", she kicked me right into the blog world anyway and I love it.
I have made some really great people here.
I can't wait to get to Brazil and have our get together! :)

bee and jay said...

Hi, Jim;
I don't recall how we first "discovered" you- maybe a link from the Rio forum on Trip Advisor?- but here we are. And somehow Rachel found us (probably a comment we made on Qualidade de Vida about havaianas) and we found her. Curiously, we have a couple of Brazilian followers, and others from countries afar. It's quite remarkable! It's an amazing little community, this blogging thing!

We have only been to Rio once, but are smitten with Brasil & plan to return next year. Since we don't read Portuguese it's great to be able to get insider views, even if they're not quite "native" (yet!). And of course, one always gets more in the bargain, like coming to "know" some great people. We find that to be affirming in what we are all constantly told by the mainstream media to think of as "troubled times".

So to all of you who blog about Brasil, keep it comin'!! And if you ever feel like seeing what's up in our corner of the world (Toronto) feel free to drop by our blog Bobo Feed!

Até mais!
Bruce & John

Rosa said...

I just want to officially say hello to you, Rachel, Ray and all the other expats. You all are part of my daily favorite ritual now. Thank you for making me laugh, think, and learn about Brazil.

Jim, if I would of have found our family connection a week earlier,I would of made sure to send some Ziploc bags or other goodies to you via Jon. Don't hesitate to ask me if there is anything (not the box springs, please) you would like me to send.

Hasta pronto!

Anonymous said...

I agree, this little Brazilian blogging community has made me feel 100% more gutsy when facing a new life here, and makes me laugh out loud when I can read about you all dealing with the daily stuff way better than I can.

I'll take that smaller world, and be grateful for it too!

Jana @ Paper plains said...

I've said it before on someones blog but Jim I call you the grandfather tree as you were the first I found when we finally found out we were moving here and then I internet "met" Rachel, Ray and Danielle and its crazy how much you guys became family and then Ive actually met other bloggers and we talk about you guys like you are friends and sometime we find random links to people or things in common... I just can't get over how rewarding this community is! But Jim I love your presence on the scene as this all knowing, gentle friend that writes humorous, witty thoughts but also tries to calm the scene if things get a little touchy/feely (aka the brazilian christmas comments)!

Cant wait for our get together!!!

Jim said...

One big happy family. =8^)