Sunday, October 17, 2010

Luisa Maita - Alento

Here's an invitation to listen to a rising star in new Brazilian music.  (Not sure who thought a test pattern was the best way to open a music video, but hey.  The video is a fun glimpse of parts of São Paulo.)


Ray Adkins said...


Really liked her, thanks for sharing, she reminds me of a much younge Maria Bethania... :)

Elena B. said...

She's great, thanks for sharing! I love Vanessa da Matta, but I'm starting to get a little tired of her after listening to her CD over and over! Luisa Maita just might be my next favorite!

Elena B. said...

Imagine my surprise when a friend invited me to go see Luisa Maita perform next week in New York just days after seeing your post. Of course, now that I knew who she was, I jumped at the chance! For anyone interested, she's performing at Sounds of Brazil in New York City on Wednesday night: