Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It totally gets better

Dan Savage is saving LGBT lives; plain and simple. If you have ever thought that one person could not make a difference, think again. I am referring to his recently launched “It gets better” YouTube video project that has exploded across the internet.

It’s rare that I repeat a topic or repost something. But some things just move me too much to stay quiet. Plus, I put all this effort into this blog so if I want to step up onto a soap box now and again – that’s my privilege. Right?

Anyway – I posted a while back about the “It gets better” project posting videos on YouTube targeting hopeful and reassuring personal messages to LGBT youth who are finding it so difficult to make it through another day of teasing, bullying and rejection that they are considering suicide.

I just checked in again with the project and was inspired by more videos. Hope and support are coming in from all corners. Congratulations Dan, you have quite literally changed the landscape for LGBT and questioning youth. Bravo.

If you have yet to link to this project on your Facebook or Orkut page, please do. It may save a life.

UPDATE: Looks who's joining the effort.  This makes me a proud voter for President Obama.  Thanks everyone who emailed me the link to this video within hours of it hitting the net.


Rachel said...

I think that this is one of the most amazing and ingenious campaigns of our time! I mean, the honest combined with the use of You Tube... You can reach millions.

It´s refreshing to see technology being used in such a positive manner. Reaching out to young people who need it. Give these kids a step to stand on so that they can rise above the small minded.

I love that you post these! It´s just amazing to see.

Ray Adkins said...


Thanks for sharing these videos, I posted them on my facebook page and it is being reposted many times over by my friends and family.


lifeinrocinha said...

Rocinha is to have its first Gay Parade this SUNDAY here in the favela starting at things change is great to see our gay people included in the favela!

Danielle said...

Did you see? :) :)