Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Riotur guide in training

 Many, many folks have expressed concern that Rio “has a lot of work to do” before the 2011 International Military Olympics (largest “Olympic” games), the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, all to be hosted in Rio.  It is definitely a real concern.

Riotur, the official City governmental tourism agency is sponsoring a series of training courses for those interested in being certified Tour Guides in the future.  Everything is free.  The training includes: tips on the use of language (friendly/helpful), customer service, attitude, reminders about ecological/green efforts, the history of the City, etc. 

Luiz has been taking this course.  It is a brief 80 hour course that grants a basic level certificate for would-be guides that can be called on when the City gets stuffed with visitors.  Given his 20 years of work experience in the hospitality industry in the US, Luiz is a star among his classmates (we are not surprised).

Beyond that there is also a year long technical course at Antônio Prado Júnior State College (also free) that drills down into the many details of the City, it’s history, regional tourism hot spots, sports and entertainment, etc.  This four day a week course awards a first rate certificate as a Riotur Guide. 

In true Brazil style, students of this course are provided lunch and bus transportation costs to and from the college.  Luiz is excited about taking this course.

There are several excursions included in the one year course (to Paraty, Petropolis, Ouro Preto, Ilha Grande, etc.) that do have costs associated with them, but basically just to cover transportation, housing and meals.  The costs are minimal and students get intensive instruction on the destination cities as well as time to practice their skills on excursion busses keeping travelers engaged.

The state college course emphasizes the need to speak at least one language in addition to Portuguese; English, French or Spanish are preferred.

All in all it is a great effort by the local government to prepare for the coming onslaught.

Good job Rio.

And we are about to have an official Riotur Guide in the family.  Work it!  Discounts here we come!

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Rachel said...

And Luiz will also be the star tour guide of the games! You got yourself a hot little charismatic one there mr! Congrats ;)

Oh, and Go Rio!