Friday, October 29, 2010

Make an effort - VOTE on Tuesday

You remember this ad from the 2008 US elections. It still applies. It blows my mind that some folks think a return to Republican leadership is somehow a return to the good ol’ days. Hello!?

Sunday is Election Day here in Brazil to settle the presidential runoff between a politician who is center-left in his politics and a politician who is left-left in her politics.  (The latter is likely to win.)  Other issues aside, the choice is not all that different, policy-wise.

In the US, the Democratic politicians may suck at getting things accomplished, but the Republicans are down right dangerous. The choice could not be more dramatic.

Sigh. Train wreck. It’s gonna be a train wreck.


Ray Adkins said...


My heart sunk for a minute!
But I am glad I watched the video, already shared on facebook and I am getting lots good comments!
Thanks for sharing.


Rachel said...

I am scared

Ray Adkins said...

No Kidding Rachel, we are too, these people are insane, they seem to have forgotten the frigging crazy Republicans just got us in this mess...
Insanity is all over!

Jim said...

Fear not Ray!

But man - I just want to scream!!

I see the USA on the way down - I'm glad to say I see Brazil on the way up.

Not choosing sides -- just sayin'

Fabio Bossard said...

PSDB is center-left only in the name. It's center-right in its practice.

Fabio Bossard said...

The choice is not all that different? Oh Jim, it's pretty different. PSDB would rule the country for the elite. Like it had always done. PT rules for everybody. That's the main difference.