Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogger meet up

Thank goodness there are so many public holidays in Brazil. Qualidade de Vida – that’s what I say!

Next Tuesday is the Nossa Senhora da Conceição Aparecida national holiday. Read more about that here.

What that means is that even disparate English teachers and their spouses/partners have the day off. No work. It’s a chance for some fun.

Here’s the proposal: Blogger Play Date at the beach in Niterói. Readers and newcomers are welcome as well. If you can make it – you’re in. But be forewarned – we will be speaking English.

It’s past time we get together again. There are even more people interwoven into the group nowadays (shout out to Jean and others).

The details: Spending the day at Itaipú beach in Niterói

Let’s arrive around 11:00 a.m. – before the sun gets too hot.

I will claim some tables at a barzinho off to the left of the beach and fly some flag or balloons or something so you can find us. Look for the big gringo. Bring sunscreen.

The surf is always calm, so it is kid-friendly. We will sit at tables on the beach with service from the restaurant back behind us. Totally relaxed. Food – drink – it’s all there.

The beach has a tiny fishing village and an archeological site you can visit for R$2. Nice.
Views of Rio are spectacular and the sunset is amazing.

Come join us.

You can even buy some fresh fish caught by divers who work the beach and have the restaurant behind us cook them up.

I promise – it’ll be a good time.

The easiest way to get there is by bus. Go to the CASTELO local bus terminal in downtown Rio. Catch the Pendotiba 770 Itaipú bus. It will terminate at the beach. No worries – just stay on the bus until it ceases to go any further. That will be Itaipú beach.

When you get off the bus walk left through the make-shift parking lot and past the archeological site. Walk through the tiny fishing village and break out onto the beach. Keep walking down the beach to your left. We will be there somewhere.
Sound like fun? Let me know. Are you in? See you there!


Rachel said...

Weather permitting, I´m totally in! Let´s pray to all of our individual Gods for a little sun! It´s about time, isn´t it.

The Reader said...

Sun would be so nice.

I'll talk to The Chemist and see what he says.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I might make it! And bring a friend or two with me :0)

Nina said...

Ricardo has to work.... But maybe when some friends come to Brazil. The ladies will pop into Rio with me for a meet and greet. I have friends in Rio and would love to meet you and Rachel.

Linds said...

Yes! I really want to be a part of this.
Alright. I will definitely be making this trip.

Jean said...

It kills me to say this but I have to miss out on the fun this time! Sigh. Important move-related stuff that can't be postponed, etc. Next time, though! (ps thx for the shout out!)

Jim said...

I sense some momentum. No let's will the sun to come out.

May I suggest that people travel together to make the tedious bus ride more fun, or to carpool? Youall could meet at Estacio terminal (NOT the rodoviaria)and catch the 770 together. Or you could take your own particular bus to the local bus terminal in Niterói (again, not the rodoviaria)and then catch the Pendotiba 38 Itaipú bus from there. It also terminates at the beach.

Email me for my cell number if you don't have it.

Make it work!

Brynn said...

Why did I wait until after I left Rio to discover this fabulous blogger community? : (

I hope everyone has lots of fun. Crossing my fingers you guys get some sunshine. I wish Vitoria were closer. Someone will have to do a write up and post pictures so the rest of us can be there vicariously.