Tuesday, October 12, 2010

See you at the beach today

[This was the post that was supposed to go up this morning - but my internet was down.  Here it is anyway - I hate to waste a post.]

OK, so the weather is not perfect beach weather.  But we still have the day off and we still want to get together.  AND - it aint over 'til it's over.  The sun is up and strong - while the wind persists.  It is not Carioca beach weather, but we are a different breed.

Come join us.

Luiz and I will leave a bit early to commandeer a couple tables.  It is still a holiday and this is a popular family beach, so I totally expect it to be busy today.

I'm taking some balloons that I will fasten to our umbrella so you can find us.

All you need is what's on your back, some money and perhaps a sweater for later in the afternoon and for the ride home.  Everything you could need is available at the beach.

See you there!

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