Friday, October 1, 2010

Blogging education

OK – so I’ll admit it: I check my blog stats frequently to know who is visiting and from where. Mostly I post to keep my friends and family back home informed about Luiz and my progress/situation. But I have definitely forged some really fun online blogger friendships that really warm my heart.

I’m not a professional blogger – by far. I just do my thing. But every once in a while I am taught a lesson by the stats reports that make an impact on me.

For example, I made a post almost two years ago about a fun and free event in Copacabana that families might be interested in. It was entitled “Disney Magic Moments Parade in Copacabana.” Well – who knew? Apparently the words in that title are super popular among Google searches.

To this date that post is the most frequented of all my posts (like by a factor of almost 3)! And it was just a friendly referral to a fun day in Rio. It’s certainly not the post I hope most folks will read.

The internet is a funny thing. Blogging is a weird universe all its own. While I am not eager to monetize my blog – I am learning little tidbits about how to promote traffic.

Mostly I’m just commenting on my experience and sharing the fun with others who find themselves in similar circumstances.


Rachel said...

It´s like my boob grab post. Almost all my search stats on google are because of that search. SO if you want to make your blog popular, just write boob at the bottom 3 times!

Jim said...

Exactly! So tired...