Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blogger play date - UPDATE

Hey - today is 10/10/10 (October tenth, 2010). Our lucky day. Keep meditating on sunshine – SUNSHINE for Tuesday at Itaipú beach in Niterói.

It’s looking good.  The sky is clearing and things should be great on Tuesday.  OK – so it may not be so hot as to get all of us swimming, but the kids will still love the sand and sea.  The rest of us will enjoy each other, the views, not working (!), and the frozen açai (or whatever)   =;-)

Let me run through some transportation details:

You can Goolge your way to get instructions to drive yourself to the beach.  It is not complicated.  Tip: Once you pass through the tunnel between Icaraí and São Francisco and turn left, following the traffic, you are home free.  Basically follow the traffic for another 40 minutes along the main drag.  It will plop you onto Itaipú beach.

If you take a bus – you can either get to the Castello bus terminal in Rio (not the rodoviaria) and then take the Pendotiba 770 Itaipu bus all the way to the beach (probably 70 minutes or so on the bus – traffic will be light), or you can take any bus from your area to the terminal in Niterói (not the rodoviaria) and then transfer to the Pendotiba 38 Itaipu bus which will also terminate at the beach. (Do not take the 38A bus).  In Niterói, you enter buses through the rear entrance.

Buses leave frequently.  If you have a van in your area that goes to Niterói send me an email and I can connect you with how to catch the Pendotiba 38 Itaipú bus all the way to the beach.

Hook up with each other and travel together to make it more fun.

Let me just say that the bus is safe – for you and for your young children.  When climbing up over the hill between São Francisco and Piratininga (through the favelinha) you will be on the major commercial route – no problems.

Be sure to enjoy the scenery.  As you come down the hill into the “Região Oceânica” keep an eye out on your left.  The green hills are some of the remaining Mata Atlantica.  My MIL has a house in the area and hosts little monkeys from the Mata on occasion.  It’s the real deal.

These friends of mine will be at Itacuatiara Beach.  LOL!

Anyway – come prepared for fun.  Bring your friends/children/significant others.  And your camera.  Email me with any questions.


Linds said...

Has anyone said thanks for being our official organizer?

Thanks from everyone!

Jim said...

Thanks Linds -- some people work, some people raise kids, and some people keep the fun happening.

I am grateful to be among the third group (when I am not working).

Rachel said...

I resent that classification ;) Anyway, I think the kids are raising me. Strange how that happens.

Good point Linds! Thanks Jim! Our official cruise director of the blog world!

Anonymous said...

A big thanks, Jim!
I will be in Rio by this afternoon, and I'm going to do my best to be there tomorrow. Depends on the work schedule of my friends and I'll know more later. I really hope I can make it!

Jim said...

Hope you and your friends make it Peg! We will be there all day. Email me for my cell number.

The weather report still has clouds and a 20% chance of rain for tomorrow. But hey - with us on the beach we will chase the coulds away. You may want to bring a light sweater.

There are plenty of places to sit and stay dry if we have to wait out a 15 minute sprinkle, or whatever.

I think I'm going to bring some balloons that I will tie to the umbrella at our tables. Not helium, just tied from the umbrella. Look for that.